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Cast Basalt Tile Characteristics

High Compression Strength

High Abrasion Resistance

Chemical Resistance


Frost resistant

High Durability

Ecological and hygienic compatibility

Unique appearance not found in any other tile material

Installation Examples

Show Room

Seattle Install

WV Install

Kentucky Install

Pittsburgh Install

Brazilian Tile

Anti Slip Patterns


Large 11" x 17" detailed brochure with photos of tiles, installations and technical information

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The Tile of the Future is imported from the beautiful town of Mariánské Lázné in the Czech Republic. Cast Basalt floor tiles are a material with decorative appeal and exceptional physical performance characteristics. It is one of the hardest ceramic materials known. They are selected for two key reasons: unique aesthetics and high performance.

As a flooring material in public buildings; such as department stores or transport terminals or in the reception areas of commercial buildings. We offer skid resistant tile for light industrial uses. Domestic applications include kitchens, patios, halls and lounges.
The recast tile that has lasting beauty, practically indestructible, alkali and acid resistant.  A non-porous tile that comes from the mantle of the earth, better known as columnar basalt. Tile for your walls, floors; along with standard squares, Florentine, charlotte, and other designs.  

We also feature thale' designs for patios and gardens. We are introducing for the first time in America and Canada one of the most natural stone tile. This product is widely spread through European Countries in churches, cathedrals, homes, game rooms, commercial and light industrial areas With an 8-9 mohs hardness, this stone tile has proven to be one of the most versatile tiles in the world.

Basalt tile is excellent in Pharmaceutical Labs, Auto Showrooms, and Shop areas. Basalt is oil and grease resistant and will not create dust. Basalt has zero absorption, will not stain or scratch and requires little or no maintenance. Basalt has NO CHEMICALS and is ENVIRONMENTAL SAFE.

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